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Lapis Cake

Lapis cake or Layer cake is Indonesian special snack which is made from two colour that are heaped stratum, so often called “kue lapis” it like spekkoek but chewy and sticky . This cake is usually made ??some color layers, that gives the name of this cake. This cake is made ??from rice flour , starch , milk , sugar , salt and dyes.

This cake is steamed each layer before the layer above it added. This cake is mostly found in areas of Indonesia. Usually lapis cake is made from rice flour, wheat flour, or flour starches. This cake is easy found at nearly each region in Indonesia.

Its taste is chewy and sweet, making this cake is preferred a lot of circle. Good lapis cake usually green, or red, because made from dry natural those are pandan leafs and syirup. So this cake safety for children and also adult consume, for making lapis cake isn’t too difficult just only every materials must be steamed one by one, its material is also easy to get. This following  is recipe to make wheat Layer Cake traditional :

The materials for making wheat lapis cake traditional : 

  • 500 gr wheat flour
  • 750 cc coconut milk
  • 300 gr refined sugar
  • Cacao powder
  • Salt at sufficienty
  • 50 cc Suji’s leaf water

The method of making wheat lapis cake trditional

    Mixing wheat flour, refined sugar and salt, pour step by step water while swirls it in oreder to roled out. The batter is devided as three a part, for brown color adds liquified powder cacao, green color adds suji leaf water and white colour without mixture.

    Make ready brass already being pillowed by banana leaf,plastic or bread paper then dab with oil. Pour first batter then steamed. If first cake batter have half ripe entery second cake batter to coating it then steamed by ripe half back do the same thing until lapis cake batter be gone.

    After that steam lapis cake till ripe let it cool. Lapis cake alredy served for thirty five crosscut. Good try...Hopefully utilitarian..

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